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About this App

The objective of this app is to help increase your mental health. This happens in three ways:

  • The Traffic Light. On the road green could be interpreted as `go on`, orange as `an action is required soon` and red as `action has to be taken`. In this case we use the Traffic Light to measure the degree of stress signals:
    • Red equals severe stress signals. They force you to action because it impacts your daily functioning.
    • Orange equals light, starting stress signals. These stress signals serve as a beacon to let you take action in time.
    • Green equals relaxation and vitality. The body and mind are in good health.
  • Based on your profile. After finishing a questionnaire we can provide you with exercises tailer mode for you.
  • By your own objectives. You submit your own goals. After every exercise you can evaluate your progress. 

You will benefit the most from this app when you use all three of the points above. This ensures you get relevant exercises. 

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